Spectacular Design Denver International Airport USA With Modern Technology

Spectacular Design Denver International Airport USA With Modern Technology, and The airport is also soliciting partners from the private sector for potential redevelopment of the Great Hall inside Jeppesen Terminal, to relocate TSA, facilitate connection to the new hotel and transit center and enhance the overall passenger experience. DEN Real Estate, This year, the airport will also enhance customer services and experiences and will add amenities, such as an outdoor plaza for arts and entertainment, new comfortable seating, additional power outlets, shopping and dining options with touchscreen ordering and additional surprises. In addition to the opening of the new Westin Denver International Airport hotel this fall, train service connecting DEN to downtown in just 35 minutes will begin in 2016. with an additional 9,000 acres available for commercial development. This land represents one of the most compelling real estate opportunities in the world. It will generate non-aviation revenue,

thus reducing airline operating costs in Denver, increasing regional economic benefits and generating new passengers, all of which should result in more flights to more cities. While we are focused on the future and growth, the airport continues to invest in its existing infrastructure, including a planned $46.5 million rehabilitation of runway 17L-35R this summer. At 53 square miles, DEN remains positioned for growth at incrementally low costs, which will help maintain a competitive cost structure for our carriers while keeping up with growing demand. The airport has the ability to double its runways and facilities to serve 100 million passengers a year,

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