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Great Structure Beijing Capital International Airport Design

Great Structure Beijing Capital International Airport Design, and This massive expansion project culminated in the opening of terminal 3 in February 2008. This expansion involved the construction of a third runway and another terminal for Beijing airport, and a rail link to the city centre, creating the largest man made structure in the world in terms of area covered. A 300,000m² transportation centre is located at the front of T3. 7,000 car-parking spaces will be available if the two-level underground parking lot is fully employed. The transportation centre will have three lanes for different types of vehicles, airport buses, taxis and private vehicles. The transportation centre will also have a light-rail station on a line that begins at the Dongzhimen. Beijing Airport opened In March 1958, and was the first airport in the People’s Republic of China.One of terminal 3’s highlights is the $240m luggage-transfer system. The luggage system is equipped with yellow carts, read more »